“to discover the italian region”

BeltLimo Guided Tours are an exclusive service, created to take you to the most suggestives sites through unique landscapes and original art and gastronomy’s experiences. We will drive you to discover ancient villages, palaces, gardens, museums full of art and historyand islands known as the jewels of Venice’s lagoon which are unique in the world. A personal guide speaking the language you require is available on request. Our certificated guides will give you an extraordinary experience narrating Italian history and art with competence.


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An unforgettable experience on a private speedboat to discover Venetian islands, Murano, Burano and Torcello “jewels” of the lagoon which are unique in the world.

Guided tour to personalize on request.



A guided tour to visit the Art of Murano's glass, well konwn all over the world. A unique experience let you discover authentic tresaures of venetian Art.

The Prosecco’s road from Treviso to Conegliano. Treviso, all the glamour of a city surrounded by ancient walls, crossed by the bridges on the river Sile and full of culinary traditions as “Tiramisù”, an unmissable taste of Veneto’s sweetness.

Conegliano Veneto with a castle and the old taverns of the Prosecco’s hills, a smooth Italian landscape as in the paintings of the native painter Giambattista Cima da Conegliano. You will visit some selected cellars where you can taste one of the most famous sparkling wine in the world.

BeltLimo takes you into a shopping’s experience of value and design with a wide offer of official and luxurious resellers of some of the greatest fashion brands and Outlet Shopping Center as the Mc Arthur Glen.

Your purchases are taken over by our staff, so you have the pleasure of shopping without thoughts.

On request there is a personal shopper at your disposal that you can consult to optimize your shopping keeping up with the latest trends.




A dreamy Palladian itinerary through the Brenta’s Ville Venete, Villa Maser and Villa Barbaro to finally arriving at Asolo and its charming surrounding landscape. The ancient town where the Renaissance court of Caterina Cornaro was located and which fascinated artists as Robert Browning, Eleonora Duse and many others who decided to live there. Here you can taste specialities as the “baccala alla Vicentina” and the wines of the hills. On the way back it’s almost a must to visit the beautiful Villa Emo in Fanzolo.


Guided tour to discover art and savor. The ancient city of Verona and its wonderful surroundings, an  itinerary in the quietness of the Veneto’s countryside across extraordinary vineyards, ancient houses and orchards where D.O.P wine of Valpolicella is produced: l’Amarone, a unique flavor coming from an old enological wisdom.

The extraordinary landscape of the rose mountains (UNESCO  heritage) surrounds Cortina d’Ampezzo which is considered the pearl of the Dolomites, a fashion style icon with streets fulls of boutiques, glamorous restaurants and bars.

Pieve di Cadore, a medieval town characterized by the Tyrolean style and the city of birth of the painter Tiziano Vecellio. Here in the Dolomites you can taste the authentic flavors of the Tyrolean cuisine surrounded by spectacular mountains.


A really unforgettable guided tour from Padua to Verona, two unique cities known for their history, art and ancient beauties.

Padua with the second oldest European university, the squares, the Giotto’s frescoes in the Scrovegni’s Chapel and the Basilica.

Verona with its famous Roman Arena and the charms that inspired “Romeo and Juliet”.

A beautiful and romantic guided tour will take you to Verona, the ancient roman city built in 2000 a.C. where you can visit the Arena which is a place of worship of opera music.

By its magical medieval atmosphere Shakespeare was inspired to write the famous tragedy “Romeo and Juliet”. Vicenza is the city with one of the most important and suggestive monument of the architect A. Palladio: the Teatro Olimpico, the first covered theater of modern age.

At Ravenna to discover the Byzantine splendors of mosaics in the Basilica of Sant’Apollinare Nuovo, of the Mausoleum of Galla Placidia and of the Basilica of Sant’Apollinare in Classe. Don’t miss the visit at the grave of one of the greatest italian poets Dante Alighieri.

On request you can visit the mosaic’s laboratory Notturni. On the way back you can stop at the ancient Abbey of Pomposa located in the green Pianura Padana.




Timeless masterpieces to discover in a wonderful itinerary that winds on the Brenta’s Riviera between Villa Malcontenta and Villa Pisani to Padua, a city rich of art’s treasures as the Scrovegni’s Chapel with Giotto’s frescoes, the wonderful squares and the Saint Anthony Basilica, a famous place of pilgrimage.

Trieste, a city with a unique charm, rich in memories of the Austro-Hungarian and Art Nouveau Style that overlooks the sea with his wonderful castles of Miramare and Duino on the white Carso’s cliffs. We will take you to the Collio’s region, superb landscape where excellent wines are produced as Picolit, Refosco, Merlot, Schioppettino and Pignolo.


A tour at Maranello discover with your own eyes the beauty of a myth. At the Ferrari’s Museum you can share your passion and on reservation you can try the thrill of speed with a test drive choosing your favorite Ferrari. While in the Emilian’s restaurants you can taste traditional italian food and wine.


A guided tour to discover italian cities that inspired and were the scenario of some of the most famous works of Shakespeare. Starting from Venice you will reach Padua. The young and lively atmosphere of one of the most famous and oldest university of Europe it was what inspired the bard and walking through the wonderful squares surrounded by ancient palaces and harmonious porticoes of this city you will find the same atmosphere as him. Here you can’t miss the visit to Scrovegni’s Chapel with frescoes of Giotto and a coffee break at the famous Caffè Pedrocchi. From Padua you will reach beautiful Verona, the home town of Romeo and Juliet. Here you can see the palace with the famous balcony of Juliet and near-by the house of Romeo. A walk to Piazza delle Erbe will let you discover all the charm of this romantic city. You can choose to enjoy the specialities of the Venetian cuisine for lunch and then leave to Mantova, the renaissance city where Romeo found refuge. In Mantova you can visit Palazzo Ducale, known as the house of the Gonzaga family, decorated with frescoes of the painter Mantegna and one of the most famous architectural jewels in Italy or you can choose Palazzo Te, built by Giulio Romano and summer residence of the Gonzaga family. After this last lovely visit you will come back to Venice in total comfort.